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Hello, an update on my involvement and a request.

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I have been spending the better part of this year learning the wild and far reaching ways of Minecraft. I have almost everything I need to do a full on youtube, twitch, etc campaign, but what I lack is internet (i have .44 Mbs upload, I'd love to have ~10Mbps) and an upgrade to my desktop computer (100 dollar graphics card not cutting it).

So that leaves me in an interesting position. I cannot support my minecrafting as well as I'd like. I saw I missed messages and have returned them, so here I am wondering if I should return here full time.

My new laptop is more than enough for this project, but please forgive my lack of reading all the new posts, who is all here now? My request is this. Is it possible to get a proper github repository going, irc chat o something else? If i were to do this full time, I'd like for others to be about as accessible and as active as they would have me. I may be old enough to have two kids in some parts of the country, but I am still a kid in some ways. I need encouragement, I need to be pushed and shoved a bit. I lost interest since it felt a bit underwhelming at the time. These improvements to the forum and the site are impressive.

Please ask me anything you'd like. Tell me how you feel about the project or how I have done or not done so far. I hope to hear from all of you into the future and I would love for some big thing to come of all this.

Oh, btw, Codeigniter, the suite I was using is an all but dead suite now. So, I am at a loss in that department I guess there is Laravel or Symfony, but I'm not sure.

I am rebuilding efiction! Join us on irc! #efiction at Instructions for irc 😀 Alpha released!

Topic starter Posted : 05/06/2014 10:21 am