If you support our overall vision for the eFiction Project, we highly encourage for you to become one of our Patreons!

Why Support eFiction?

  1. You believe in our overall vision of being an open-source archival program, free forever, with no “pro” version.
  2. You want to see eFiction grow as a viable and modern archival platform.
  3. You want to assist in server maintenance and development costs.
  4. You love cats and dogs.

What You'll Get

  1. You’ll get to represent your supporter level with a fancy badge over on our Community. (note: this is coming soon)
  2. You’ll get your name or username listed on the backend of the eFiction Dashboard, which will be displayed on all major versions of eFiction. (note: this is also coming soon)
  3. A sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that you’ve officially helped to support an open source project. (note: you’ll get this instantly)

More About eFiction

eFiction was one of the first fan fiction archival scripts on the internet, and we remain one of the only open source automated archives available today. We provide all writers with the ability to host their own fiction in their own way. A true archive, controlled by you, the author.  Don’t rely on someone else to host your archive, instead, host it yourself with eFiction!