New Forum Software

Dear Community,

as you have surely noticed, we have switched to a brand new forum software to make it easier for us and our possible successor team. The SMF Forum was spammed to a degree that we could hardly manage. I was searching for a long time, thought about different options and finally found the possibility to install a forum software via WordPress and to take over the old forum completely.

Your user accounts have been taken over, but it is possible that you will have to get a new password sent to you to log in successfully.

New registrations should also be possible, if I have made the settings correctly.

Now I hope that we will find a successor that will continue and modernize eFiction as an ‘Open Source’ project in the sense of the community, so that we all will still have a lot of fun with the script and can maintain our own archives without being dependent on the giants of the scene like and 🙂

Stay creative!

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