eFiction 3.5.7 – PHP 8.1

Hey all, Tyler here.

Just wanted to very quickly announce that the next release of eFiction is in the works. This is mostly a maintenance release, with us adding support for PHP 8.1, as well as cleaning up some of the code, and removing a few security flaws.

There’s no release window set, as of right now. I’m hoping to have the update out before the end of the year, but can’t make any promises. Lost my mother a few months ago, and moved to a new house. Things are hectic, so I’m a tad behind on most of my business as well as personal projects.

Also, I really cannot stress enough just how much my Patreons mean to me. Especially now, as times are admittedly rather hard, on a personal level. If you have some money to spare, and want to support me as well as the future of eFiction, please subscribe to my Patreon.


To be clear, this Patreon supports more than just eFiction. All of the proceeds will go to me directly. Everybody that subscribes to an eFiction tier will also receive a poster, shown below.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more news and information!

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