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Well, a few of you might have seen it coming. We have moved on. We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives, so that we don’t have the time nor the energy left, to keep the eFiction Software and it’s website, forum etc. up and running. We will keep the domain(s) up and running until the end of the year, after that it will be gone forever, unless someone is willing to take over from where Sheepy has left version 5 so far.

So eFiction is up for adoption! There will be no more bug fixes or updates of any kind from our site.

Thanks for your understanding!

Artphilia and Sheepy

13 thoughts on “Up for adoption

  1. I’ll be forking the repositories just in case, Thank you for this wonderful software. it’s the backbone of my Archive where I publish my works, I’ll be keep my forks up and do my own updates. I’d like to say I’m willing to adopt it but unfortunately like you life is a bitch.

    Thank you for your hard work and for bringing us this software.

    1. Hi, I have forked it too. Version 3. What is your github nick? I would like to watch your repo. I already offered my help on forum post, not here. Thanks

  2. I can’t tell if my first comment posted but I’m interested in adopting the forum. Please let me know if this is an option!

  3. I don’t use Efiction CMS, but rather I say that I don’t no upload the story, because inpossible, that I can’t select to categories. But I was make a lot of categories, just that after this don’t was work. I was mind, I’ll create an accessibility skin for the blind, if I can code in PHP and MYSQL. Sry my bad English, but I tryed understand me.

  4. Hello,
    I work for an IT Company that has a soft spot for open source creative projects.
    We’d be interested in adopting this, and putting some of our development power into this.
    If you wanna give me a shout, my email is dperteet(at)speedmax.net

  5. I’ll also throw my hat in the ring if you can’t get someone else to take it.

    I’m a computer repairman and website designer in the Rockies. I can take over the domain and the website/forum and host it myself. I’ve got a couple of eFiction 3.5.3 still running and know just enough code to assist with problems, but I won’t be able to devote any time to develop a new version.

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