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[Sticky] PHP7 readiness

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While not being of utmost urgency, letting you know that eFiction 3.5.x runs pretty smooth on PHP7 (currently testing on 7.0.2)  :cool2:

The only thing I found was concerning character sets, but this can be easily fixed modifying header.php:
Search for this:

Header('Cache-Control: private, no-cache, must-revalidate, max_age=0, post-check=0, pre-check=0');
header ("Pragma: no-cache");
header ("Expires: 0");

Somewhere there, insert this line:

header("Content-Type: text/html; charset="._CHARSET);


Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2016 8:58 pm
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Posted : 23/01/2016 11:28 pm
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Hello! I hope that someone knowledgeable is around to help resolve an issue. My fanfiction archive ( recently blanked out due to a PhP upgrade by Hostgator. I contacted support and they rolled PhP back to make the site work, but that's not a perm fix. I'm seeing efiction 3 is PhP7 compatible but it did not work for my site. I'm sure they're going to try to update PhP again and I'm not looking forward to contacting support every month to ask them to roll it back.

I am not tech savvy in the least... is there anyone that can look at our back end to see what the issue might be and why we can't run the latest Php version? If the site keeps breaking, we'll have to close or move. We are built around efiction and I don't see any other software that works for hosting serialized fiction.

I can be reached here or via email at mocahgirl at gmail. 


Posted : 07/03/2021 4:30 pm
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@nfarchiveadmin we had a somewhat similar incident last year. Our host auto-updated to the newest PHP version and while the archive didn't blank out it was giving members trouble, especially some of the modules (it did blank out an old forum and coppermine gallery which I keep putting off trying to deal with 😆). Before I messed with any code I ran most of the "Archive Maintenance" options in the Admin area, basically everything up to the backup options, and that seemed to do the trick. We have efic 3.5.5 and it's running fine on php 7.2. But I'm willing to take a look if you still need help. I'll email you.

Posted : 16/03/2021 7:02 am