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There are plans underway to add social media to the site, and drag it into that arena. If anybody has any ideas on how best to manage this, please don't be shy.

There is a new facebook page to get us started and you can freind efticion here

why is nothing ever easy?
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Topic starter Posted : 15/06/2013 5:10 am
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Have you thought about creating a page instead of a profile ?

I use and have it linked to my twitter account

Now in my 11th fiction filled year !!

Posted : 13/02/2014 7:06 pm
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Is the eFiction Facebook page gone already? I tried going to it and got a Page Not Found, and when I tried searching for eFiction, what came up had nothing to do with the software....

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Posted : 02/06/2014 1:09 am


Thank you to whomever managed to fix the registration problem on the old site. I've been trying to join the forum and volunteer to help for, oh, about three or four years now. 🙂

I admin an archive that uses e-Fiction: The Delphic Expanse and we've been very happy with it. I'm trying to catch up with everything that's been posted in the forums here for the last couple of months, but I though I'd jump in here and volunteer to help you with social media if you still need something.

I manage and maintain social media as a part of my job, as well as for a major annual event. I've even done some fan fiction via social media, so I'm up on the latest and have a lot of the cool toys to manage multiple accounts.

(And this may not be the place to post it, but I'll add that I'm happy to volunteer to help with documentation, both internal to the application and for admins and users. I also do a lot of video tutorials, so if you'd like to see something along those lines, I can make some nice "how to" explainer videos.)

Posted : 22/06/2014 10:06 pm