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Hi Jacci,

It's been a while since I was here, and I noticed that the latest member was the same username as the one that showed during my last visit. I know that things aren't terribly active since the software is aging, but I thought it was a bit odd that no one new had joined in a few months. I went to look it registration was still open, and when I clicked the register link, I got the following error code:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare SpammerCheck() (previously declared in /home/timet4/public_html/efiction/forums/Sources/Register.php:603) in /home/timet4/public_html/efiction/forums/Sources/Register.php on line 681

It seems this error is preventing people from registering since the error code is the only thing that showed up.

I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Thanks for your time, and for keeping this forum around  🙂

Topic starter Posted : 20/12/2013 5:40 pm
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thanks for this, i still dont have access to the files so until i get them there is nothign i can do unfortunately

why is nothing ever easy?
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Posted : 25/02/2014 11:36 pm
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I am just super happy to even be able to log in after not being able. Special thanks to awesome Nadia for registering me!  :biggrin: <3 thank you so much!

Posted : 25/05/2014 8:19 am
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You are welcome. 🙂

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Posted : 26/05/2014 9:45 am