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[Sticky] When to use Debug, what it does & error messages

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I just wanted to clear this up for people who may be new to eFiction, and may not understand this function. It is a common for people to post support requests saying that they see error messages, when in fact, sometimes they are just harmless error messages outputted by having Debug mode turned on.

What 'debug' does
Debug displays PHP error messages. While yes, this is helpful, you will not need it unless you are diagnosing a problem. Having it on all the time or for no reason is unnecessary, as sometime it will display harmless error messages.

For example if you have a block turned on/activated but don't have it coded into your skin, it will display an error message. Some skins have certain blocks built-in, others don't. It's a matter of personal preference.

What it doesn't do
It doesn't magically fix any problems for you. By having it on, you won't be solving anything unless you are trying to diagnose a problem 😉

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Topic starter Posted : 08/08/2009 2:03 pm