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registration - what to do to fully remove it

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sorry for the dummy question but I am new to efiction script (using version 3).  But I read a lot of posts here about spams etc, so I would like to confirm that I did everything correct way.

I use efiction with the e107 bridge. It means that table fanfiction_authors is not used at all.  Am I correct that no records should be created there? 

I changed all links in panels to e107 registration/login links.  And you can be registered on e107 site only with the account on next site (it uses alt_auth plugin) .

It means that there should be no way how to get spammed via registration. Correct?

Were there other ways how efiction could be spammed (all other forms are only for registered users)?


Topic starter Posted : 28/02/2020 3:46 pm