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Editing viewstory.tpl

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HI I am trying to add an advert to the viewstory page @ above the author name and story name. I want it to be the same one as on the main page at the top

I tried to edit viewstory.tpl the same way I did with index.tpl on the main page but it's not working.

This is what I have on viewstory.tpl

<!-- INCLUDE BLOCK : header -->

<div class="block">
<div class="content" align="center">
  <!-- Begin BidVertiser code -->
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC=""" ;" type="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>
<noscript><a href=""">advertising</a></noscript> ;"
<!-- End BidVertiser code -->


<div id="skinny">
<div id="pagetitle">{title} by {author}</div>
<div class="storyinfo"> [{reviews} - {numreviews}]<br />
{toc} {reportthis}<br />
{printicon} <br />
{adminlinks} </div>
<div class="jumpmenu">{textsizer}{jumpmenu}</div>
<!-- START BLOCK : storynotes -->
<div class='notes'>
<div class='title'><span class='label'>Story Notes:</span></div>
<div class='noteinfo'>{storynotes}</div>
<!-- END BLOCK : storynotes -->
<!-- START BLOCK : notes -->
<div class='notes'><div class='title'><span class='label'>Author's Chapter Notes:</span></div><div class='noteinfo'>{notes}</div></div>
<!-- END BLOCK : notes -->
<div id="story">{story}</div>
<!-- START BLOCK : endnotes -->
<div class='notes'><div class='title'><span class='label'>Chapter End Notes:</span></div><div class='noteinfo'>{endnotes}</div></div>
<!-- END BLOCK : endnotes -->
<div id="prev">{prev}</div><div id="next">{next}</div>
<div class="jumpmenu2">{jumpmenu2}</div>
<div class="respond">{addtofaves} {roundrobin}</div>
<!-- INCLUDE BLOCK : footer -->

As you can see, I copied the advert div from index.tpl thinking it would work. What would I need to do to fix this problem and have the advert appear at the top of pretty much all pages on the site?

Topic starter Posted : 22/02/2013 3:25 pm
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When I want an ad to appear across the whole site 99% of the time I put it in the header.tpl.

Are you using storyindex? If so, you might need to add it there instead.

Skins made by Kali are no longer supported!

Posted : 22/02/2013 7:05 pm
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Thanks. That worked great. 🙂

Kali, I had a look at your fanfiction directory (link in your signature) and most of the sites listed/linked no longer exist. Just thought I'd let you know.

Topic starter Posted : 23/02/2013 5:00 pm