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Captcha not working

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URL to your eFiction:
Version of eFiction: 3.5.3
Have you bridged eFiction, if so with what?: Nope
Version of PHP: 5.3.29
Version of MySQL: 5.5.36-cll-lve
Have you searched for your problem: Yes
If so, what terms did you try: closest result
State the nature of your problem: The message "The security code you entered did not match. Please try again." appears when people try to register / do stuff with captcha. Thus preventing new registrations with captcha on.
Do you have a test account for us? Upon request, but it's probably not really necessary as you only need access to the register page to see it

So... my problem is similar to described in the linked thread, but not identical. We are not having sessions issues like with skins etc. as described by the other poster, just with the captcha. I changed hosts and it hasn't worked since then, though.

Does anyone have ideas of stuff to try prior to me opening a support ticket with the host? Sessions are not really my area of expertise. :

Like mentioned near the bottom of that thread, I am missing what Tammy says. This is the relevant section:

<!-- $_SESSION 

Yes, nothing in the array. : (

EDIT: Also, yes, I wish I remembered what I did 4 years ago!

Topic starter Posted : 17/12/2014 11:26 pm