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Custom 3.6.0 version available

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This version renames 4 files with conflict names for future development and is the base for version 4. There are listed bugs I found now.

I use this Versioning Guidelines:
All versioning should attempt to follow the Semantic Versioning guidelines.
Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH (e.g v0.0.0), increment the:
MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
MINOR version when you add functionality in a backward-compatible manner, and
PATCH version when you make backward-compatible bug fixes.
so this version is still back-compatible and the update should fix stuff.
I added translation files and tested with a different language than English.
The test was done with PHP 8.2.0
My personal roadmap:
3.6.1 - If needed, clean skins and docs folders 
- Study how bridges work
- Fix sessions and registration (with e107 bridge or something like that)
- Fix email sending 
- Separate installation for customized e107
Translantion module
UnitedNuke module 
5.x - study how version 5 works and implement most of it.  
5.x - study bulma framework versus 
A lot changed for me when I could finally install version 5.x from GitHub. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fatal errors (I can see some pages) and I am not able to fix them, but that work was awesome and it will be a great inspiration.  I was afraid to use e107 for the efiction update, but version 5.x is doing the same thing, it just used a framework I am not familiar with it. 
6.x - one installation 
I need this for one of my archives, if there is any conflict or confusion with the future official version, I just rename it and make private repos of it.   
For now, there is no update.
It would be nice if somebody tests this, but I use it myself, as soon as I will update online site, our users will test it too 🙂
Posted : 10/09/2023 1:19 pm