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Custom 3.5.6 version available

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maybe numbering is confusing but there are no plans to use this as the official version.   PLEASE, don't use it on the live site.

I just made the repo (source code) of the fixed 3.5.5 version for PHP 8.1 (8.2) here:

I left all issues I found to be opened for you to see what needs to be fixed. Older fixes are in the 3.5.5 fixed archive (they have been known very long time).

There is a database change of all date fields because there are changes in PHP 8 related to dates and this was mandatory for my next development. 

Use it freely to make a better new efiction version. 


I would appreciate it if somebody tested it.  If not, nothing to do, I will do it while working on the next steps.    For me was hard to start over and over from so outdated 3.5.5 version, so this is my personal starting point for my future development. 

I can't use it on the live site because of outdated functionality (you have been using it for years but I am paranoid a bit about this, I need to fix it at first. ). 

I can't test it more because I don't have enough archive data. 

On github, there is a discussion inbuilt too, I copied some interesting topics from here, just don't lose them. I hope you don't mind it.

All old documentation is posted here:


At least I am trying to do something. I still hope for the new official version. 




Posted : 07/09/2023 10:46 am
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Version 3.5.6 released, working on the next update



Posted : 10/09/2023 6:02 am