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How do we find orphaned stories in the database?

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URL to your eFiction:
Version of eFiction: 3.4.3
Have you bridged eFiction, if so with what?: Nope
Version of PHP: 4
Version of MySQL:
Have you searched for your problem: Yes
If so, what terms did you try: Orphan, orphaned story, find orphaned story
State the nature of your problem: when I went to the most recent page, right after submitting a story, I got an orphaned story notice - I saw something that I thought was the title, but later turned out to be the name of the first author in the database. I can't find the story, though. I tried searching the archive and the database.
Do you have a test account for us? The one that comes with the archive

I'd be grateful for any info that helps me find and tidy up this thing. Thanks!

Posted : 08/10/2008 8:26 pm
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Do a search in the stories table for a story with an empty categories field or one set to 0.

Posted : 11/10/2008 1:26 am
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Ooh, okay - thanks!

Posted : 11/10/2008 6:27 am
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In the same vein, recently I deleted an author when I meant to delete the story first. The story is now orphaned ( but I can't see it in the database when searching by title or sid.

How do I get rid of that 'ghost'?

Thank you.

Posted : 04/01/2020 11:14 am