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[Sticky] How to write a request - must read!

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Hi there,

this is a quick guide on how to write a proper feature request, please read and consider when writing a feature request.

Rules before posting:

1) Make sure it hasn't been a feature in eF3 (just sayin')
2) Read the eF5 announcment posts on new features
3) Check the feature discussion AND the posts in this board.

Not there? OK, then write a post in here, but:

1) Make sure the title precisely states in which direction you want to go.
2) If possible, put in [brackets] under which category it falls. Examples would be [print], [admin], ...
3) Realize that you know what you are requesting, but we don't, so describe it in a structured and detailed way.

Rules after posting:

1) [yoda] Patience must have, young requester [/yoda]. Same goes for the not so young, obviously.
2) If you feel nobody is answering, then it's either everybody is busy or nobody thinks that what you would love to see is of any use. Maybe you want to update your request, rewrite it, in that case a one-time bumb is ok, other than that ...
3) No bumping, neither you post nor other posts.

Thanks for reading and following these rules.

Posted : 08/08/2014 6:27 am