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Any developments?

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I'd like to know if there's any active development (or at least heartfelt plans) on eFiction. There doesn't appear to be any activity here on the forum and it looks like it's gotten some spam posts, but it's also been a crazy year for the world. I'm just trying to make some decisions about the future of an archive and whether to port it to AO3 or hang in there. 


Posted : 13/08/2021 2:05 pm
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Thank you for your interest. We honestly lost track of eFiction a bit due to the pandemic and our jobs. But I'm trying to look for a successor and make sure that eFiction continues.

I can understand you wanting to know what happens next. I also still have some archives going over the script, which is increasingly outdated and less secure. I too would hate to give up these archives or merge them with AO3.

I'll get back to it, I promise. And I'll try to keep you guys updated here.

Posted : 15/08/2021 2:41 am