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User modules for eFiction

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Sorry, been pretty inactive here, first the job, then the lazyness, now ....

Anyway, forces above (wife) have made me get back in gear, and while I'm still puzzling with the story edit thing and all the shenanigans involved like re-moderation and that, I remembered that people were asking about modules.

So I started with a small one, that as an example will be able to do some sort of banner rotation.
This is only a starter, basically for me to see how well it integrates without having to alter the code too much on the user-side.

Currently, it would be called in template by one simple call ( {{ ModulesBanner::rotate()}} ). It can easily be extended to accept parameters or whatnot, can load data from DB and use custom templates.

More to come ...

Posted : 20/01/2017 5:30 am