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License question

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been getting asked about the license to be used in an upcoming release, and honestly I am not sure about which one to take, or which one can/should be used that doesn't interfere with the license for jQuery that is used in this project.

However, jQuery is released under the MIT which should not give much restrictions, so here's the question: Has anybody already been into the license issue and can help?

It should allow modification, yet make sure all modifications have to be available for everybody, and that the software may not be redistributed under whatever circumstance.


Posted : 07/06/2014 4:48 am
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Not allow for re-distribution? Can you lay out your specific wants as for when it comes to redistribution?

One of the things I was hoping to do with your next release, was to write an auto-installer for eFiction for our shared hosting servers to work with Installatron so that users of my hosting service would have 1-2-3 click easy installation of a basic eFiction Archive. To do this might require me to make a custom install script for each software release, and the easiest way to maintain that would be with hosting my own archive of eFiction releases.

Also, on a side note, would you be interested in doing hosted download archives on our servers when you release? I currently have "large pipes" in both Denver, CO/USA and Bridgewater, New Jersey/USA

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Posted : 23/09/2014 8:25 am
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No re-distribution for me means:

I want, like it used to be, one place where people will find the official current, past and preview downloads, preferably along with all available hacks, mods, add-ons and whatnot.
Mirrors would be fine, as long as they truly mirror everything and link back to
Also I want the license to make sure efiction and all derived works will always belong to the project, whatever person currently involved/in charge, including the rights to merge any hack, mods, add-on or whatnot back into the main branch.

If you where to (heavily) modifiy an efiction release - as long as it would be clearly marked as a modified release of version x.y - that would be ok to archive or host as download, although I'd prefer it to be be available as part of the official download directory (which doesn't exist yet, will be there along with the first eFI5 RC).

Posted : 23/09/2014 11:15 am