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Is there a way to do age and email verification?

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My archive is 18+ due to the nature of stories we have posted. I know anyone can lie about their age, but is there a way to have your birth date a required option when registering? I have birthday as an option on the member profile page but it's optional and doesn't stop a person from registering if they are under age. I wasn't sure if their was a way to do that or not, or if anyone else has this on their site.

Also, I noticed when I sent out emails last week, that several of the users have incorrect email addresses. Is there way to make each user verify their email address at time of registering?

Just some thoughts I had. I'd appreciate it if anyone else that has done these types of things before, could give me some info on it or how to do it. Or even if there are other options besides writing them into the code.

Thanks so much.
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Topic starter Posted : 12/10/2010 1:15 am
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You can make people verify their e-mail if you set the registration to send a random password to their e-mail, and not allow them to pick their own password at registration. After they get the e-mail with their password they can log in and change it to what they want.

Go to:

Admin - Settings - User Settings


Password at Registration: Randomly generated

Of course they can always change their e-mails later to something else.

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Posted : 14/10/2010 4:57 am