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efiction skin(s) ported for other CMS

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Hi all,
sorry, I am new here, so if something is not correct, just let me know.

Main question:
I would like to confirm that I can port (use) some efiction skin (f.e. Sommerbrise) for CMS we use. I know it's under GPL license, but I respect your work and I would like to do it with your permission.

Why do I ask?  I am looking for solution on how to save and continue with our own archives. I didn't know about efiction at the time we started more than 10 years ago. It's a customized fork of PhpNuke with a custom solution for the old e107 version.  When I first run on efiction, you just started with version 5, it wasn't a good time, so I updated our sites for PHP 7 and I waited for stable new version of e107. 

Now I started to dig into efiction 3 code and it looked so familiar.  Then I found that efiction was originally PHPNuke module, and PHPNuke was forked from e107 long time ago and we use other Nuke fork.  And I know a new e107 version enough to be able to combine them.  Hopefully.

But you know, every time you are planning something, real life will say something different, so I had learned not to promise anything. For now only condition for any our solution is let efiction3 database untouched and don't change efiction code itself.  And to take little steps. We have built our archives for more than 10 years, I will not risk anything. 

The first step was to get e107 and efiction to work together (share user accounts).  I know that I could try to do some bridge, but my priority is e107 and it has already a solution for this. But I need to do make a new theme for e107 to look both similar.  So I asked if I could use Sommerbrise for it.  e107 has forum, downloads, PM system etc. For this step you have 2 separate installations (one in a subdirectory or other domain) and I just need to solve the same look and some demo data.  In the same database or 2 different ones.

The second step will be admin part moved (duplicate is better word) to e107 admin interface. Next year, but I know already it's possible.

I think it's enough for first post. As I said, just little steps.  Let me know about that skin graphic use.

Thanks for your time

Topic starter Posted : 28/11/2019 10:53 am
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I have created the skin you asked for. Feel free to use it and customize it to your liking. But I won't fix anything if you mess it up.^^

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Posted : 03/12/2019 7:32 am
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I have created the skin you asked for. Feel free to use it and customize it to your liking. But I won't fix anything if you mess it up.^^

Thank you.  I didn't answer sooner because I wasn't fully sure if I would be able to understand how efiction works.  That script is brilliant!

I created e107 theme based on your skin and your skin has no conflict with bootstrap 3  (e107 is based on it, so I had to add it to efiction)

So again, thank you for your work and for your time spent to support this script. Without you, it would be dead a long time ago and I would never find it.

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