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[Sticky] Skin Submission Rules

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This forum is for the purpose of submitting skins for consideration in our official downloads area. You may also submit skins hosted on your own site. (If you don't want us to host it here, please make a note in the thread.) Links to sites that host eFiction skins are nice too.

When submitting a skin for consideration in our official downloads forum, please abide by the following:

1. Submit only complete skins. This is not the place to get support for skins. There is a separate forum for that in the support area.

2. You must include a zip file and either a screenshot or a link to a demo of the skin.

3. Skins with errors or faulty coding will not be accepted into the downloads section.

4. Please include  a readme file with each skin.

5. Please include images in the download. Web-safe formats must be included. If possible, please include PaintShop Pro and/or Photoshop formats as well. (You can select different formats from the drop down menu of most programs when  you select "save as".)

6. Use the following template when submitting a skin:

Skin Name: Name of Skin

Developer: Your name, obviously

License: Your preference. You may leave this blank.

Description: Include layout and color scheme in a few short sentences.

Notes: Any special notes

Demo:  Provide a link to demo or a screenshot

Download: URL to zip file.

Posted : 03/11/2005 1:40 am
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Two addendums here:

1.  Please don't use copyrighted material in your skins if you're releasing them here.

2.  Skins must be rated for all audiences.  We have all age levels on this site and we're not age protected.  So don't post anything you'd be embarrassed to have your grandmother, boss, or 7 year old neighbor see.

Posted : 23/12/2006 12:49 am