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Well, a few of you might have seen it coming. We have moved on. We have a lot of stuff going on in our lives, so that we don't have the time nor the energy left, to keep the eFiction Software and it's website, forum etc. up and running. We will keep the domain(s) up and running until the end of the year, after that it will be gone forever, unless someone is willing to take over from where Sheepy has left version 5 so far.

So eFiction is up for adoption! There will be no more bug fixes or updates of any kind from our site.

Thanks for your understanding!

Artphilia and Sheepy

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Posted : 07/06/2020 1:29 pm
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We can host the old files to 3.x  for dl if no one adopts the website.   

I don't do this particular coding language and don't want to host a forum again but if someone would help convert old topics for 3.x to a help guide or something we could host that.

Posted : 08/06/2020 5:09 pm
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It's not a question of hosting. We do not want to support or update the software anymore. So we need someone to take over the whole project.

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Posted : 10/06/2020 2:38 pm
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Sad news  :down: but can't say I'm surprised, and I totally understand! Thank you for keeping eFiction going for all this time! Without you two it'd have come to an end much sooner.

Posted : 22/06/2020 12:34 pm
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This is sad news just when I fell in love with the efiction script (version 3). 

Nevermind, I just wanted to tell you that I am offering my help.  I have already fixed 3x version on Github and  I use it with a combination of e107 CMS and old Nuke tables. e107 should be able to import the SMF forum (I don't have a database to test this) and use efiction users.  It is only my personal preference, but I wouldn't use anything related to WordPress for our fanfiction site, but I understand that somebody needs their features.

And because I had built our new site on efiction just this year, I will continue with version 3 (bugs and fixes) for some years for sure. So if anybody needs help with their site, I could help.

But at least, thank you for all your work. 

Posted : 23/06/2020 12:08 pm
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It is only my personal preference, but I wouldn't use anything related to WordPress for our fanfiction site, but I understand that somebody needs their features.

Hard agree with this.

Posted : 29/06/2020 6:56 am
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Hi, this is culprit #1.

I took over eFiction 3 decades - as is feels - ago after it was left with no one else to feed it and give it shelter.
Me and my wife soon decided that it had reached the end of its development life, working into somebody else's code is always a tricky thing.

So eFiction 5 was born and it was a joy to work on it - except it wasn't because it didn't kick off as expected, had a few major backlashes and turned into a duty, an unending list of chores.
For the longest time I didn't want to accept the fact that this project was bigger than me, regarding it had to share time and space with work, family and the little things in life called joy that have to take place every now and then. And my garden that looks like death valley, on the worse of days. I tried to push myself again and again, but everytime I did, the effect was worse and it took more time away to be able to get back to working on it, eventually resulting in a hiatus that has now been ... what, a year-ish?

So here we are, I hope we can find a new maintainer that can do something good with the project and maybe even move further than I have been able to. I have forked the project in it's current status and may, at some point continue my work, but this fork will be purely for fun and away from any expectations or hopes.

I feel like I let a lot of people down, I am sorry, but this isn't working and has become toxic to a point where I can barely open this forum without feeling sick. This is not due to anybody else but me, so this is NOT a blame gun firing into the crowd. I did this to myself and need to cut myself lose ... no, not before I drown, it's not that bad. It's more like a relation that has gone sour and I am now going out the door.

Thank you all for giving me this chance, sorry for not living up to the hopes and godspeed to all of you.
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Posted : 04/07/2020 11:45 am
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Is there anyone here who wants to adopt the site who would be willing to help me edit a couple things on my (deceased) friend's website?

I am committed to keeping it running; however, there is a banner that I would like changed and I have no idea how to do it.

I will check back if you'd like to PM me.



Posted : 15/07/2020 9:10 am
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Hi Artphilia und Sheepy,

schade das es so kommen musst, aber ich kann euch verstehen.
Ich selber musste gesundheitlich vieles zurückschrauben und mich aus Projekten zurück ziehen und habe änliches hinter mir.
Wenn sich kein geeigneter Neuer findet, wäre ich froh wenn ich zumindest die Seite mit Forum übernehmen könnte.
Ich denke es wäre gut wenn die User sich unternander helfen könnten und alle Templates und Mods an einem zentralen Ort sind.


PS: Sorry for German but my english is realy not the best.

Posted : 11/11/2020 4:29 pm
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Just wanted to see how finding a new parent for the eFic baby is going? I don't think I can be much help with development stuff but I will do what I can to help ensure the 3.5 code (imperfect as it is) stays up and the help forum stays online. All would love to keep contact with some of the other brave efic site runners out there since we need to stick together! (maybe start a discord or something? I don't know ???? )

Posted : 02/12/2020 12:08 pm
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I think the subject is through. Unfortunately there is no more information. It's a shame if eFiction ends like this, I've been using the software for a long time and I've always been very satisfied. Especially with Nadia's great skins. It will also be enough if the current version is simply kept safe and PHP compatible. New functions are a nice to have but not necessary.
It's a shame about sheepcontrol's new V5. The beginnings have turned out really well.
In addition, I think there is no alternative or I'm too stupid to find them.

If it is legally possible, I will make what I am allowed to make available on my web space, a forum would not be a problem either. If someone wants to help, he / she is very welcome.

Posted : 05/12/2020 8:28 am
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Posted by: @ladama

All would love to keep contact with some of the other brave efic site runners out there since we need to stick together! (maybe start a discord or something? I don't know ???? )

Yes, something like that. I would be prefere gitter or slack, but I can learn this. I hope. should be stay running. It is impossible to maintain something when everybody points to their own site because there is still no alternative.  In fact, I could do it the same, I have already support site for other CMS with forum etc and it is not problem to add efiction section, but again.  I went through similar "dying of software" 10 years before and the result is that that CMS is dead now and I left alone with our version. But we are still online on php 7.2 and that software was written originally for php 4.  

Posted by: @grimmbart
In addition, I think there is no alternative or I'm too stupid to find them.

Hi, I know only about the alternative written in Ruby. 

It looks like people still want to use it.  Here is the version I am working with:

I added e107 CMS bridge and I went through other forks to add some fixes somebody else did during time. e107 CMS has alternative login functionality, so it works with efiction users just by setting the plugin correctly. It is not a replacement, I use 3 CMS on one website and it is essential for us to have efiction3 running.  I wish I had knew sooner about this software. 









Posted : 05/12/2020 9:53 am
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We still haven't found a solution. For the time being we will keep the site up and running.

We are still looking for someone who's willing to take over AND has the skills to improve / upgrade the script too.

Posted : 28/12/2020 2:01 am