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Hey all, Tyler here. 

So, as mentioned in my previous topic, these forums are dealing with a fair bit of spam as of late. To help combat this, I've installed a premium anti-spam plugin that should automatically block bots before they can even access So far, the plugin is doing its jobs, though it's far from perfect. Here's some information and general stats on what's going on. 


1. Over 32,000 bot accounts have been blocked from accessing in the last week alone. 

2. Over 3,600 spam posts and topics have been blocked in the last week alone. 

3. Over 10,000 registered accounts have been identified as a bot, and deleted from We're still scanning our user list for more bot accounts, and deleting hundreds every day. 


There will be the occasional bot that manages to get through our defences. If this happens, you're encouraged to report the fake or spam account to our moderation team. 

Posted : 26/10/2021 1:16 pm