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... I couldn't think of a smart enough topic, so here it is - the eFiction 5 github link.

Yes, code is thin and lacking a lot of feature, and I need to merge it with the installer to make it create a config file that makes any sense.

It will be out before Christmas - and I mean this year's one - got the days off, all presents bought and the kids locked away in the basement. This is a limited users group, people that have either been there for a long time of have shown interest in the latest developments.
If you feel somebody is missing, let me know, just don't want it out to people that don't know what the term "pre-alpha unstable development test code" means.

Working on the installer and the user control panel, lot of code is already there from an early version, that just needs to make it into the new MVC structure.

Gonna be working on stuff tonight, expect a new code push later tonight, or this afternoon, or whenever depending on where you live πŸ™‚

Posted : 21/12/2015 4:49 pm