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[Sticky] eFiction 5.0 installation preparation

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In this topic, you will find all necessary steps to prepare for a smooth transition from 3.5.x to 5.0.x.

Now rest assured, unless something is at the very top of this topic with a red title, it is not required for the installer to work, it may simply result in a far less optimal result.

Item 1: News authors (not entirely optional)

As you all know, when writing a news entry, you had to enter your name in the field, and this exact name was shown later on as the news author - no user id noted.
Now during conversion, the tool will try to figure out the ID matching the name, but it's a man's script, so it's stupid, and if you used different names for these entries over the years, then it will be confused and will puth them down as user ID 0, which equals guest.

So, please make sure all news entries show exactly the names the users are using on the day of the conversion, this can be done via the Admin Panel, so everybody should take a quick look.

Item 2: Review comments (not entirely optional)

Another dumb tool is trying to split reviews from the comments and author has made to them.
The comment part usually looks like this:

<br><br><i>Any text is fine here: The comment comes here!</i>

The important thing is the three leading tags and the ': ' part, they are what's causing the import to decide where to make the cut. The text in between doesn't matter, even an additional tag wouldn't hurt. The trailing "</i>" tag will be removed.
If you changed the tags, this might not work an leave the comment inside the original review.
However, it should not break the import process.

Topic starter Posted : 20/10/2014 6:06 pm