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I'm using SMF 1.1.13 and eFiction 3.5.3

I intsalled the SMF and then installed eFiction using the same database.

I followed the SMF Bridge directions, and everything goes well. Until I come to the part at the end where is says -

Move QueryString.php to the Sources folder of your SMF installation. Note this is the QueryString.php from version 1.1.2 of SMF.

Sounds simple? Right? - Except the file QueryString.php is not in the SMF Bridge file so I can't move it over. So where can I get this file?

So thats my first question folks.

Second question is what will happen if I get said file, and install it?

Third question is do I really need to install this file?

Fourth Question - How do I get eFiction to look like my forum?


The Wizard

Posted : 15/04/2011 12:48 am
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I will leave the bridging questions to the experts far more knowledgeable than I

As for the looks, that is a skin issue, you will have to create a skin that is a reasonable duplicate of you forum, by copying the css etc and translating the appropriate classes and styles.

why is nothing ever easy?
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Posted : 15/04/2011 9:31 am