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Site transfer//unable to change admin

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URL to your eFiction:
Version of eFiction: 3.5.3
Have you bridged eFiction, if so with what?: no
Version of PHP: 5.2.17
Version of MySQL: 5.5
Have you searched for your problem: (yes/no) yes
If so, what terms did you try: "admin change" "transferring site" "transfer site" "admin privileges"
State the nature of your problem: I've just taken over this site and transferred it to my own server. Not had a problem with the installation, the problem is that I don't have admin privileges on the site. I've changed the 'admincreated' from 0 to 1 in the MySQL database, but the admin options aren't displaying even after logging out and logging back in. I have contacted the previous administrator to see if she is able to help, but is there anything more I can do to fix this in the interim?
Do you have a test account for us? Not at the moment, but if you message me I can give my account's login for you to try.

Thanks for any and all help/suggestions!

Topic starter Posted : 23/08/2012 8:10 pm
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Hey Mara,

You need to change your 'level' to 1 in the authorprefs (I think) table.


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Posted : 24/08/2012 3:54 am
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'admin created' is not the field that tell efiction you are an admin.  It tells efiction the account was created by an admin and bypassed all the normal checks and security.

You can also change the old admin's email to something you can access and then use "Forgot Password" and log in that way.  Unless the old admin is still using the site.

efiction - 3.5.3
MySql - 5.5.32
php - 5.5.22
Linex - Apache 2.2.17
Hosted by: Fatcow!

Posted : 25/08/2012 7:47 pm
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THanks Elle and Hobert, I managed to get the old admin to give me her login details and fixed it that way. I had a feeling I was changing the wrong table in the MySQL db - good to have that confirmed!

Topic starter Posted : 29/08/2012 1:41 pm