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[Sticky] Where Should I Post?

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If you find yourself confused on where to post, I'll elaborate a bit on the purposes of the forums as I see them. Before we released to 2.0, I thought very hard about the organization of the forums because it was the perfect oportunitity to change them. However, in the end, I decided that the way they were was working out fine, and any changes would be too confusing. The only thing I wish is that phpBB had the ability to create subforums. Anyway, the purpose for each forum is pretty self-explanatory, but is as follows:

eFiction Development
eFiction and Other News: News pertaining to efic or that affects webmasters in general, such as reports of major security flaws in other software.

New Feature Suggestions: I moved this one because it seemed to become a second mod request forum last time. Simply put, it's anything you'd like to see in the next version that's not in the current one. The current one now being 2.0.

2.0 Bug Reports: Anything that is broken in the current version. Broken means does not work, not I wish this worked differently, or I wish it did this, but it doesn't.

Version 2.0 and Version 1.1 Support
All of these forums are very self-explanatory, so I'll only say the difference between a bug report and support is that a bug is something that doesn't work for everyone, but support is something you can figure out yourself, but when you do figure it out, it works fine. (Or a bug is something needs to be fixed in the php coding.) Sometimes it's hard to tell which is which so we're holding back on our policy of clubbing people when they get it wrong. 😉 (Clubbing being either hitting repeatedly with a bat or subjecting to horrible electronic dance music and strobe lights. Both are equally cruel.)

The 2.0 forums have extra divisions for the sake of organization. We hope it will makes things easier on you in the end. The 1.1 forums aren't divided because, quite frankly, we hadn't thought of it then.

eFiction Skins and Layouts
eFiction Sites: Links to other sites using eFiction. Here you can see all the different things that are possible with the script. Also, show off your own skills here.

Skin Submissions and Skin Downloads: We're hoping to have a improved skinning community and it starts here. Submit skins here you'd like to offer for download. If there is nothing wrong with them, we'll add them to the downloads forum. We just want to make sure that there is some check on quality.

Current Release Mods and Past Release Mods
Mods are things you'd like to see added to the script that change the behavior or add function. Mod in this case stands for modification. Request and release mods here. (The difference between a mod and a new feature is whether you're willing to wait, or install it yourself now. That's it in a nutshell. The reality is a bit more complicated, but not much.)

Topic starter Posted : 08/11/2005 12:52 pm