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The Wiki has been spammed!

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Hey there,
I was Googling around for eFiction-related things and noticed the -- and that it had been spammed like crazy. As a fellow user of MediaWiki, if I may suggest a few things:

Nuke - for mass deleting pages
Abuse Filter - does just what it says, checks edits to make sure they're not just containing random words, links, etc.
Anti-Spoof - does something similar to Abuse Filter, but for usernames to prevent false registrations
Spam Blacklist - contains a massive amount of IP addresses and other info that helps prevent spam; once I installed this on my MediaWiki, spam almost entirely evaporated. It's a huge file though.

And of course, making sure MediaWiki is up-to-date, afaik, the current version is 1.19.1, current as of June 2012.

Archive: Dragonfayth
eFiction: 3.5.5
Latest Patch(es): Yes
bridged?: No
modified?: Yes
PHP: 5.3.27
MySQL: 5.5.42-cll

Topic starter Posted : 08/08/2012 3:23 am