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Hello everybody,
www.hikayeevi.com was a project for me and my friends to create a website for Turkish readers & authors. It's been 4 years since we first opened our doors. I'd like to share with you all, to hear your opinions.
(Since the website in a foreign language, I'd urge you to use Google Chrome's online website translators.)

+Header has a javascript that changes every month to show the weather or the special occasions.
(January - Snow, February - Hearts for Valentines Day, March - Rain, April - Rainbow, May - Blooming Flowers, June - Reflection of the Sun into the Sea, July - Marauders Map for Marauders Day Event, August - open for your ideas, September - Falling Leaves, October - Bats for Halloween, November - Rain, December - Snow)
+We have a Badge and Title system for our users. For every success they achieve, they are getting a Badge for that particular achievement. Badges can be seen in a users profile page. Titles (Approved Author, Best Author of the Month, Best Reader of the Month...) shown with their usernames throughout the website.
+In a users profile you can see their Performance Charts that shows you the words that they wrote in that month and in total, and the reviews that they made in that month and in total.
+Authors can add a cover photo for their stories.
+Authors can add a playlist for their stories.
+There is aRelated Stories section under every story, so a reader cans ee another story in same category with same tags & hashtags.
+Reviewing a story with just Like/Dislike options (without a Comment) counts as a Review and it is shown in stories reviews as hearts or broken hearts.
+A system called Personel Bookshelf which users can add the stories that they like and reach them easily.
We made a lot of things with coding that I cannot remember right now... So the list goes on...

Posted : 14/01/2018 2:54 am
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Love what you've created so far! Nice layouts!

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