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Insanity strikes - a post to regret (maybe)

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Well, here I am, it's about midnight local time, and I fear, that a lot of people are not believing in eFiction 5 any more, and I can't blame them, it's not it wouldn't be the first promised successor to go AWOL.

So, here's the deal: is hosting the current status of eFiction 3, the pretty much working eFiction 3->5 updater (no clean install, yet), and the current state of the eFiction 5 script.

I know it's a setback in some areas, but it is finally on a sane base, whenever I find the time I am pushing it forward, currently working on the search form, and there's stuff to be added to the user and admin panel, but maybe somebody will look into things and tag along.

I was hoping to be able to show a more mature version, but I hope I can at least prove that it's not exactly vaporware after all.

Now let's be clear on this - this is somewhere between "it exists" and "early alpha", so unless you are pretty confident die hard when it comes to this kind of scripts, don't bother installing it just yet.

Now here's the catch:

I am by all means no "real" programmer, I am what was earlier called a dilettante, a person who does something for the love of it, not because of qualification or profession.
Now I'm all open for constructive criticism, since I already know my stuff is far from perfect.
If you don't like my coding and think you could have done it better - the reply is: you didn't, so have a seat a cookie and be quite.
Or you can hop on and be part of it, improve or add code (once I figure out how that stuff works on github).

There is no manual or safety instruction yet, the code usually will not eat the kittens, it has grown far more hungry, so use at your own risk. It requires a config file which will be created by the installer, there is a basic documentation to be found on the efiction wiki @ .

Posted : 22/03/2016 8:04 pm
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Ooh you got to check out git eh? πŸ˜€
I'm glad you had the time to do so~

Posted : 23/03/2016 4:14 pm
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Well, this is exciting!

Unfortunately I am only a tinkerer of coding, and really have no idea how to do any of this sort of thing from scratch. But I'm keen to assist where I can.

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Posted : 25/03/2016 12:49 am
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That's good that you're still keeping us apprised!
I think I suggested this elsewhere, but in case I didn't or you haven't heard it before, I highly recommend starting up a Patreon for this. If financial concerns are part of what's keeping it from becoming fully-fledged software (or hiring someone else to fill in the gaps), then I know I would be happy to contribute.

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Posted : 30/03/2016 8:53 pm
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There's nothing out there quite like eFiction, to be honest. I would really love to see it keep going. Wish I knew programming to a degree I could help out. Is there anything else the community here can do to help out to keep this going?


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Posted : 03/05/2016 8:29 pm
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:happy: I just stumbled upon this thread... so happy to see this! Thanks for all your ongoing work for v5. I do a little programming, and hope to have some extra time to download the latest version from git and check it out. I'd love to help however I can, but like you, I'm often stretched thin. Still, I would love to lend some support to this project, even if it's just helping with testing/troubleshooting.


Posted : 09/05/2016 7:40 pm
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I am PHP programmer (Although I've been 'playing' more with C++ recently) - I used the old eFiction versions to modify the source code... I was wondering if you would post the code in GitHub or other similar site when I came across this post...

I will study the code and submit some commits to the code to make it better.

The eFiction platform is something very interesting to me because of my past as ficwriter... I would love to help the development of the new version! =D

Posted : 11/05/2016 11:24 pm
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Thank you Sheepie! All your work is very much appreciated!

Posted : 28/05/2016 11:06 pm