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New admin with no tech knowledge looking for help to sort out neglected, buggy archives

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I'm an admin for a fanfiction website, where we use efiction for our archives ( We are on a shared server through TMD hosting and have a forums page using Invision software. I recently took over as admin after previous admin burnt out/ disappeared/ gave up the hobby. Only one of the founding site admin is around anymore, and even then very rarely and is not knowledgeable about all aspects of maintaining the software and server.

I'm capable of navigating the control panel on the archives for typical tasks (adding tags, validating stories, featuring stories, etc) when everything is working, but for a long time now we've had a problem where validation/reject emails do not send. In fact, no emails will send from the archives, so if someone needs to retrieve a lost password, they can't (I've just been resetting them manually when needed). As far as I can tell, we are running the most current version of efiction.

We were having a similar problem on our forums with automated emails not sending, and operating on the assumption that it could be an issue with our emails on our server (, I was able to muddle my way through fixing that problem on the forums by using a gmail account instead. However, that workaround is not working on the archives and I'm stumped again. I'm lost when it comes to any issues involving the server, to the extent something there is the problem, or however it is that the software interacts with the server. If someone were to reply to this comment saying anything having to do with coding, I would have no idea what it means or what to do with it. 

I'm looking for someone who may be able to help us troubleshoot our current archives -- the email problem, and if anything else there needs to be fixed or updated. We generate no income and are run by volunteers from within our own community. If someone were able to donate some time to helping us out pro bono it would be very appreciated, but also we can afford a fee for your services if you tell me what you would charge and how much time you believe this kind of issue might take to sort out.

You can message me on here, or email me at Thank you to anyone who can help!

Posted : 06/05/2024 6:25 pm