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DB Usage W/Hostgator

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Does anyone here use Hostgator? If so, could I trouble you with a DB question?

I was recently told that I can no longer do manual backups for my efic site due
to DB size. I now have to ask them, unless I use something called 'Putty' and SSH...
Being a total noob to such things, and not having a computer compatible for Putty
use (I own a Mac and Putty is for PC), can someone tell me how I can go back to
doing my own backups? It's a pill to keep asking HG, but I'm clueless as to doing
DB backups outside of Cpanel. So, if anyone has instructions/suggestions, I'd really
appreciate it. Thanks.

Topic starter Posted : 26/07/2013 9:34 pm
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If you are doing your backups through the automated process, and they have reached a certain size that is too big, is that the reason they gave you?

I have always done my backups via phpmyadmin directly, and am with hostgator. Or if it is too large, i will sometimes do the tables separately, just the reveiws etc and the ones with the biggest sizes to break it up and make it manageable by the server to avoid time outs

why is nothing ever easy?
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Posted : 26/07/2013 11:44 pm
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Thanks for the reply. 🙂

Yeah, that's the excuse they gave me. My DB exceeded a certain size and
I need to ask them for any backups (Or use SSH with a 3rd party program
like Putty). I found the latter confusing, and I can no longer do the backups
from phpmyadmin, so it just sucks. I was hoping someone here might use
an SSH program and would be willing to give me a tutorial so I can continue
making my own full backups.

Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2013 12:41 am
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I use HostGator too, but have never heard of this. I am able to do backups from cpanel or export from phpmyadmin, and unfortunately I don't have any advice, but I was wondering what your database size is. Do you store the story text in the database instead of a stories folder?

Posted : 28/07/2013 5:14 am