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Changing from HTTP to HTTPS?

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I saw this post on BoingBoing that Google Chrome is going to start displaying increasingly prominent warnings on non-HTTPS sites.

Figured I'd start a topic since I think a lot of us administer archives that are a number of years old, and I certainly don't know anything about HTTP verses HTTPS. I also worry red warning signs will affect registration and maybe also traffic.

So the questions:
* Should we eFic admins be looking into changing to HTTPS?
* If so, how difficult is it?
* I'm sure the process differs by webhost (we use Dreamhost), but what steps should be taken on the eFicition side before attempting to change to HTTPS?
* Anything else to know?

Thanks in advance to any HTTPS savvy people out there who respond!

Topic starter Posted : 06/11/2016 5:41 am
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I wish I understood what you meant LOL. But I would love to know too 🙂

Posted : 17/11/2016 8:49 pm
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From a small test:

eFiction 3 (and eFiction 5 also) don't really bother if it's http or https. They'll use whatever scheme they find and just fiddle with the linked file/parameters.
Example (our site being https://bestffever.moon/buffypicard). Then eFiction will just add /user.php or /browse.php and not care about what's in the front. (Much unlike WP for example, anybody ever tried to move one?).

The issue is, you'll have to get a signed certificate and install it server-side, and that's something eFiction, like any other script, can not do itself.

Let's encrypt is offering free certificates.

Posted : 18/11/2016 6:33 am
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It was pretty easy for me my host installed Let's Encrypt and all i had to do was add an htaccess file to each site directory. With Wordpress you just install a plugin and it worked so it was pretty easy.

Posted : 18/08/2018 3:18 am
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Many, many files in the various eFiction directories (especially skins, in my experience) reference http sites, so doing a find-replace to make them HTTPS can help. But it's a lot of work, and there are also references to HTTP in directories that normally we wouldn't want to edit, like the languages. So I do think at least some of the find-replace needs to be done at the core (eFic) level.

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Posted : 14/11/2021 1:04 am
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