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Okay, I'm getting fed up with people wasting my time by not following directions so this message is more blunt than the ones in the 2.0 Support forums.  If you blatantly ignore these guidelines, I'm going to blatantly ignore your request.  You've been warned.

1.  Name your topic appropiately. "I have a problem", "It doesn't work", and "HELP!" certianly gets the message across that you have a problem, but doesn't help any of the people who come after you with the same problem looking for a solution. Also, such generic topics are hard for us to keep up with, and your request may slip through the cracks because we think it's already been taken care of.

2.  Do not tack your request on to the end of an unrelated thread. New problem, new topic.  Even if you think it's related, it probably isn't.  So unless it's the exact same problem, start a new topic anyway.

3.  Put a link to the page on your site where the problem appears.  I'm really serious about this one!

4.  Copy any SQL errors you're getting on the top of your page.

5.  Don't post a help request saying "I don't get it." or "It doesn't work."  If you don't describe what "it" is, we can't help.  There's a lot of things that "it" could be.  Please narrow it down with a good description of the problem.

6.  Please search the forum before you post.  If the bug's already been reported, we'd appreciate not getting multiple reports of the same problem...Especially if we've already solved it!  Note that solved bugs are being moved to the solved forum.

7.  Please check your site settings before you report that something doesn't work.  Experience says it's often because it's turned off. There are a number of new settings both within the site settings and your personal settings with 3.0. Check them out before reporting an error.

8.  Please check the main forum for updates.  As we test and fix things, we'll be updating the .zip download with the fixes. Make sure you're up to date before reporting a bug.  If you're reporting a bug in a previous version, you'll be ignored.

9. Unless this is an installation problem, please turn debug on in your settings. 

Please also remember that everyone working on this site, from the developers to those who provide support on the boards, does so on a purely VOLUNTARY basis, and posting about why we haven't answered your question when you asked it less than 24 hours ago is slightly annoying.

Also, we don't know everything, and we won't be able to solve every problem, though we make every effort to get to the bottom of the help requests. Sometimes, if we don't know the answer, we won't respond. If it's been a few days, and you're wondering if this is the case with your request, it's ok to ask, but please be polite.


The Development Team

Posted : 15/07/2006 12:42 am
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New rule specific to the bug forum.  Until an issue has been confirmed by at least 3 sites.  It's not a bug.  it's an issue for the general support forum.  Once a bug is confirmed, we'll move it to the bug forums. 

Posted : 03/02/2010 11:16 am