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Problem uploading stories.


Hey people! Well, let's go to the point:

Whenever I try to upload a story, generally from pasting it to the story text field, and when I Preview/Add it, it comes with an undesired format like this:

The alarm waked me up.r37; r36;I wasn't willing to do this but it was something that apparently is necessary.r37; r36;I extended my arm and pressed the snooze buttom.r37; r36;There was a bigr37; r36;6:00A.M.r37; r36;marked on the clock with a green light that barely lit my bedroom.r37; r36;I moved so I was sitting on the edge of the bed.r37; r36;I rubbed my eyes to take away some of my sleepiness.r37; r36;I then stood up and walked to my bathroom.r37; r36;I took a shower before going to sleep last night so I decided it wouldn't be necessary.r37; r36;When I was inside I searched for the light switch next to the door.r37; r36;Once turned on,r37; r36;the white light attacked my eyes fiercely.r37; r36;I frowned and walked to the sink and stared at the mirror that was above it.r37; r36;There I was,r37; r36;well,r37; r36;my reflexion to be precise.r37; r36;I opened the water and washed my face.r37; r36;I took my brush and put some toothpaste on it before brushing my teeth.r37; r36;When I finished I opened the cabinet under the sink counter.r37; r36;I pulled out my razor and the shaving cream.r37; r36;Once I was done with that,r37; r36;I took a comb that was next to the sink and combed my blonde hair.r37; r36;I walked outside the bathroom and went to my closet to find my recently bought school uniform.r37; r36;I took the school t-shirt,r37; r36;a grey hoodie,r37; r36;the school pants and shoes.r37; r36;Then I moved to my bed and put the clothes there so I could change.r37; r36;Once finished I walked to the full-body mirror next to my door.r37; r36;I stared at myself,r37; r36;hating what I saw reflected on the mirror.r37; r36;Don't misunderstand me,r37; r36;I'm comfortable with my body,r37; r36;what I hate is my beautiful body being ruined with the ugly school uniform.

It also happens sometimes with File Uploads. Can anyone tell me why is this happening? 😕 😕 😕 You can see the this bug here:

Posted : 04/03/2012 6:10 pm
Member Moderator

Hmm... well it could be a couple of things, the easiest thing is to make sure that the text you're entering is pure text and not containing hidden characters. What are you pasting it from?

Posted : 06/03/2012 10:30 pm