Made by Kali

Although Kali’s website no longer exists, we still have her beautiful skins. Back in 2017 she revamped them for the very last time. They are no longer supported, but you are still able to download and use them.

The first bundle includes the following skins:
2-column, berrygood, dotnet, e-zfiction, fever, go, gothic


The second bundle includes the following skins:
morning after, scribbled too, seabreeze, sensible, superstar, vision, wasabi


Please make sure you always read the ‘read me’ file that is included. Usually you only need to upload the skin into the skins folder at the main directory and that’s it.

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Does anyone by chance have Kali’s “Jelly” skin?


Hopefully this doesn’t get eaten by a spam filter:–Pa?dl=0

I offer this .zip from my archives with absolutely no warranty at all.


Thank you! Also, I’m not sure how to send a PM here, but I’m having trouble logging into the efiction forum. Is this due to trying to eradicate the spam there? It says my account was never made, but I’m positive it was under that username and email.