Please Read Before Posting a Help Request

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Please Read Before Posting a Help Request
« on: January 30, 2005, 07:18:22 pm »
First, Before You Post

    Take a look at your docs folder for help.

    Please run a
search of the forums before you ask a question, your question may have already been answered.

Try taking a peek at the FAQs.

Don't know how to CHMOD, or what mySQL is? Try a google search. There are many tutorials available.

Still Having Problems?

    Please name your topic appropriately, "HELP!" or "I have a problem" will certainly let us know that
something is wrong, but so many topics with the same titles are hard to keep track of. Your request may slip through the cracks because we may think it's taken care of.

Please include your site URL (link) within your post, so that we may take a look at the problem(s).

Please copy any SQL errors that you are getting and post them in your request.

If you are asking about a skin problem, then please link us to your .tpl files or copy them onto your post. You may also be asked to email your skin to someone for testing purposes.

And if you have installed any mods, then please tell us which ones, that would be very helpful.

Also, we do not know everything, and we may not be able to solve everything.

Sometimes if we don't know the answer, we don't respond. So it's alright to ask more about your question, but please be polite.

Please keep in mind that this site and script is developed and run on a purely voluntary basis. We are not getting compensated for anything.

(Re-worded by Becca)


Hi guys,

Please, please, when posting a help request, keep the following in mind:

Please name your topic appropiately. "I have a problem" or "HELP!" certianly get the message across have a problem...but don't help any of the people who come after you with the same problem looking for a solution. Also, such generic topics are hard for us to keep up with, and you're request may slip through the cracks because we think it's already been taken care of. Conversly, do not tack your request on to the end of an unrelated thread. New problem, new topic.

Please put a link to the page on your site where the problem appears.

Copy any SQL errors you're getting on the top of your page.

If necessary (if you're asking about a skin problem, especially), please either link us to your tpl files or copy them into your post. You may also be asked to email your skin to someone for testing purposes.

Please DO NOT post something along the lines of "My [insert problem here]! HELP!" We most likely won't be able to help you if we can't see it.

Please also remember that everyone working on this site, from the developers to those who provide support on the boards, do so on a purely VOLUNTARY basis, and posting about why we haven't answered your question when you asked it less than 24 hours ago is slightly annoying.

Also, we don't know everything, and we won't be able to solve every problem, though we make every effort to get to the bottom of the help requests. Sometimes, if we don't know the answer, we won't respond. If it's been a few days, and you're wondering if this is the case with your request, it's ok to ask, but please be polite.

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