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Problem: undocumented additions or updates to the language files from one version to another.

Solution: A simple comparison of old and new file versions.

There are many file comparison tools out there, but I prefer the command line tool which is already integrated in windows.

1. Open start menu and click "run".
2. Enter cmd to start the command promt.
3. On the command line, enter:

fc x:pathtoolden.php x:pathtonewen.php>x:pathtoresult.txt

Where X is the drive letter and Pathto... the path in where the old and new files are located. The path after the > is the result file. Do this with every file you would like to check for updates.
4. When finished, enter exit to close the CLI.

Now open the result files you've defined in the command before and check which additions were made. To find out where the changes were made, the text will show you one or two lines above and below the changed/added line. Now you can easily translate the new/updated lines and update the translated language files.

And if you don't like the command line interface, you may use this GUI version of the same command. It's a html application (*.hta). It's german, but shouldn't be very difficult to understand. πŸ™‚


Posted : 28/04/2008 9:28 am