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Email alerts for new stories posted?

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Is there a way to get an email alert when a new story (not just a "favorite" story) is posted and then updated?  (Even from "validated" authors?)

As an admin of the site, I would like to know when something new is being posted so that I can monitor things in real time...

My last site got hacked badly (and quickly) and I couldn't restore from the back-up, so I'm trying to build in as many protections as possible...

Posted : 06/10/2017 7:50 pm
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Would probably require entering a mail-trigger upon save, although you'd get a mail on any change.

Posted : 19/10/2017 10:02 pm
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I only know bits and pieces of working my way around code...  How would I do that? 

I also noticed that while I get email alerts when someone reviews, others don't get email alerts when the author responds to the review...  Is there a block of code that I can be entering in these areas to trigger that?

Posted : 04/11/2017 8:41 pm
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Do you have it checked under account info and edit preferences to get a notification when the author responds?    :think:

Posted : 19/11/2017 12:55 pm