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What is the latest current version?

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Hi!  I am a little confused.  I read one announcement from Nov 23 saying that 3.5.7 was going to be the next release (with support for PHP 8.1), but no actual release announcement.  I also found a post that seemed to indicate that 3.6 is out and running.  In either case, what is the latest version available?  My hosting company is now charging legacy support fees for old versions of PHP.  I'd like to upgrade my current 3.5.5 if possible.


Posted : 07/01/2024 4:08 pm
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Posted by: @katarr

 I also found a post that seemed to indicate that 3.6 is out and running.   Thanks!

That version is custom and there are no people to test it. I shared my code for developers here to use it if they want.  Custom in meaning we used just part of the functionality and did not test all parts (f.e. challenges and other modules). I was available to do it but with no response and no support, we moved to other things. It is not recommended to use because it changes the database and without official support, it is not a good idea.

But there is (and it was done by somebody else, I just added more fixes ) custom 3.5.6 version that fixes 3.5.5 for PHP 7.4 at least (the link is in the releases).   Again there was nobody available to test it. The only thing I asked for was some database or test site for full testing.  No interest. 

It is not so hard to contact me if you want to help. 




Posted : 08/01/2024 3:51 am
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@jimmi If you still want someone to test it, I'm willing to help. Would have responded sooner, but haven't been on the Efiction site in a few weeks. I have a test site, running efiction version 3.5.5 using Php version 5.6.20.  Be warned, when it comes to php and mysql, I'm not up-to-date on current versions.  Anyway, if you want a test site, I'll volunteer mine if only to get Efiction up-to-date.


Posted : 31/01/2024 3:42 pm
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@kaleidopy  I wrote you a message on your site (private email). If it fails, go to e107sk.com, and at the bottom is my normal email. Contact me anyhow.  I will be glad to try to help.

Posted : 31/01/2024 5:31 pm
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@jimmi I sent you an email.

Posted : 31/01/2024 7:51 pm