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This forum section is for eFiction powered or related sites only.

  • No SPAM. Constantly posting multiple topics about your site is considered spam, also posting non-eFiction related sites is considered spam.
    [*] One topic per site. If you've updated your site, simply reply to your topic. If you cannot find your topic, go to search and type in your site name and specify your username.
    [*] Adult Sites. If your site contains adult content including, but not limited to slash, lemons, smut etc., please place a clear warning somewhere, as we do have minors on this site.
    [*] Constructive Criticism. Please note that by posting your site you may receive constructive criticism, please keep this in mind.

Thank you for reading this, we look forward to seeing your site!

Posted : 30/04/2006 1:08 pm
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