We are still here!

We are so terribly sorry for the lack of news and updates around the website and eFiction itself. Real life is keeping us pretty busy right now. The forum has become a huge problem concerning spammers and we are looking for a alternative solution to keep up the support of the current stable version. Thanks for your patience with us! We haven’t given up on eFi5, but we know that the progress is very slow at the moment. If there is someone else who loves and knows PHP and everything that comes with coding, let us know! Help would be awesome!

14 thoughts on “We are still here!

  1. Would it be problematic to start a Patreon so that extra income could facilitate getting the project done sooner? I don’t know any coding, but I could definitely help with a few dollars a month. I could also help monitor the forums, if spam is an issue.

  2. What happened? My account at the forum was deleted and it won’t allow me to register a new account. Despite what is said why delete legitimate accounts and disable registation if you haven’t given up. Disapointing for sure!

    1. I don’t know why your account was deleted. I have to delete around 5000 spam accounts each freaking month. I for sure would never delete an account that has posts, unless it wasn’t used for over 3 months and without one single post. So I have no clue why yours was deleted. And I felt like to deactivate registration for the time being since I am sick of deleting this much spam registrations. I’m sorry if you feel disappointed. We do not gain money for keeping the script up and running and I just don’t have time to maintain the forum anymore nor do I feel like it anymore.

  3. Is there anything at all I can help with? I noticed that like the person above, my account was (accidentally) deleted while purging spam accounts. I wouldn’t mind helping if that meant eFiction continued to trek on.

  4. I can’t really help you with the PHP, but it seems to me that you should stop wasting effort on fixing the support forum. I think you might have much better success by moving it to another platform. There are a few (free) ones that come to mind:

    Samepage – it’s like Discord on steroids. It includes static pages, chat, discussion, tasks, document storage and will work from a browser, or you can use a platform specific clients for PC, IoS, and Android. This is my current favorite.

    Reddit – great discussion and Wiki features, although the “new” Reddit upgrades actually remove functionality that is in the (still available) “old” Reddit.

    Trello – this is more of project management focused tool with clients for everything, but you can use it to logically present different data and have discussion specific to those items.

    I’ve built access controlled sites on all of those platforms to support fandoms, game groups, etc. I’d be happy to help you do the same for efiction, since I happen to be one of those people that had their userid nuked on your site and can’t even view the support forum. If you are curious to see what any of these look like in the real world, let me know and I can grant you access to an exisiting site to check out.


      1. In case it wasn’t clear, I am offering to do all the work to get the new support site up and running. Your actual effort would be minimized…. that would let you focus on the development effort, not learning more tools.

  5. If you aren’t going to allow new registrations, even manually for those of us who a) aren’t bots and b) are active users of the software you took responsibility for, could you at least make the forum public again? Maybe this was a mistake and you don’t realize, but currently you can’t even read it unless you’re logged in. You nuked my account at some point but I browsed it frequently without posting to find help with issues. I’ll be migrating my site to new hosting this year and now I have absolutely no resources to fall back on if something goes wrong. I recognize you’re a small team doing this in your free time, but the least you could do is allow us to have access to literally years of support posts in the forum instead of locking them away.

    1. I’m sorry you are disappointed, but the be honest, we don’t owe you anything. If you would have asked nicely for a new account – since I don’t remember deleting yours if it was USED (like you have posted at least one or two entries) – I would have created you one. But I don’t like your tone. And I have other things going on in my life right now. I don’t want to explain myself to people like you any more. I have given enough within the last couple of years, so did my husband. We are done.

      1. It definitely sounds like you need to move on. Good luck in your future endeavors, and thanks for unlocking the support forum so we can all see it and use it again.

  6. Hi could I possibly register a new account? I read here all the time and couldn’t figure out what happened to the forum. Thanks so much

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