Made by Artphilia

This bundle of skins provide the responsive skins I’ve created over the last couple of years for eFiction. On some of the skins I’ve used Font Awesome and Google Fonts to make them a bit fancy, but I haven’t had the time to update them for a while now. It’s possible that you have to update to the latest Font Awesome release by yourself, since I’m rather busy with real life lately.
Feel free to customise the skins to your liking. But keep in mind; if you mess something up, you have to fix it yourself!

This bundle includes the following skins:
Autumn Days, eMagazine, Enchanted, Epiphany, Frohe Weihnachten, Frosted, Fruity, Night Sky, Responsive, Rohan, Snow White, Sommerbrise, Stardust, Strawberry Cheesecake


4 thoughts on “Made by Artphilia

  1. I don’t of any place else I can put this since the forum is inaccessible and I can’t find any other way of contacting you. Why is the support form locked down? I can’t even register an account because it says registration has been disabled. I’ve been watching development of eFiction 5, thinking perhaps, I might eventually migrate my site to it when it was finally released, but the lack of readily available support is a big turn off. If your only support avenue is locked down so no one who isn’t already registered it can access it, what’s the point?

    1. We have a major problem with spammers on the forum. That is why I’ve been forced to shut down the registration for the time being. My husband just doesn’t have time to work on eFiction right now. Reallife, especially work, is keeping him very busy. And since we make NO money out of this, we don’t see a point why we should felt rushed in releasing updates. For now we only try to keep the old eFiction up and running.

      If you wish, I could register an account for you at the forum. That is how it works for now.

  2. Hi artphilia!

    Will you be releasing your TXF skins for download? I just browsed through, and it’s beautiful!
    You’re doing great work keeping this site alive for current users to still be able to access FAQs and troubleshoot 🙂

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