Short News

Well, where do I begin? November was a bad month for me. On November 1st my mom passed away at age 74. Two weeks later I had my exams nevertheless. You can imagine how hard this month was for me and my family. Revamping the site felt like a therapy. December wasn’t that much better, I was still deeply sad about my loss.
In January I had a terrible accident and crushed my left knee. I was in surgery and now I’m still recovering. The doctors said it would take 3 to 6 months until I’m my old self again.
Sheepy and our two sons are taking good care of me. Thank God! But you can imagine that there was no time for coding since November. Sheepy did not forget about eFiction at all! Neither did I. I just wanted you guys to know what was going on in our lifes.

2 thoughts on “Short News

  1. Dear Artphilia,
    I read your personal site (with google translator) too, so I know that life is not easy for you. Could you please contact me by email?
    I was able to combine efiction 3 with the new version of e107 CMS but to look them the same (like one system) I would like to use some of your skins for e107. My account on forum is not approved, otherwise, I would ask there.
    Thank you
    PS. We run our own system more than 10 years, but it misses better categorization system, so I am looking for alternatives.

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