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Hi all,

She has tried to refresh/empty page history, cookies, and cache.  She has tried on multiple devices.  When I log on as her, I have no issue in accessing the content.  I'm assuming there is some sort of network/firewall issue at play??

I do have Bad Behaviour installed, but wouldn't that have prevented her from registering in the first place if that program was to blame??

Help! (and thanks!)

Version 3.x General Support / how do i include php hits in custom pages please
« Last post by Kate on December 13, 2017, 07:09:58 PM »

I am wanting to add a php counter script to custom pages please. How do I add it in as the script throws a wobbly with
<?php includes (url)?> in the custom page.

I know there is a hits on the stories but I would like to put one on the pages too please is this alright as well.
My site is here http://www.adriftindreams.com

many thanks
I had all sorts of issues with the TinyMCE box.

In this case, is the Word document using paragraph returns or "soft" returns?

Whatever the case, I would suggest a search and replace in the Word document:

Replace ^p
With ^p^p

(replace paragraph with double paragraph).

or in the case of soft returns

Replace ^l (or even ^l^l is she's using two)
With ^p^p

(replace soft return(s) with double paragraphs).

In other words, use two paragraph marks between paras and see if that works with TinyMCE.

I know, it's gruesome. Sorry but that's all I can suggest. I use these search & replaces all the time (^p is a paragraph, ^l is a soft return and ^t is a tab FYI).

Someone else may have the "real" answer, however.
Version 3.x Mod Discussion and Development / Re: Handmade "Bad behavio(u)r 2" include
« Last post by Kate on December 11, 2017, 05:10:43 PM »
Hi Sue

thanks u for ur help. I don't use a forum on the site since it isn't needed.

my site can be viewed here http://www.adriftindreams.com.

I don't have user registration in use either as it is for my own fiction and poetry, so I have not used the login block or links.

regards, Kate
I have scrolled through many topics here, but all of the suggested fixes aren't working for one of my users.  She is trying to add chapters to a story, and is pasting from Word. She has tried the "W" clipboard, she has tried pasting directly into the TinyMCE box.  It looks like line breaks are being removed, so she has to go in manually to add them.

Also, the "underline" function isn't working, despite my having the "u" tag as an allowable one in my admin settings...

Version 3.x General Support / Re: Adding a challenge question to the Registration page
« Last post by JessicaR on December 10, 2017, 10:08:21 PM »
Awesome!  I just added this to my site too (tested it with both outcomes - correct/incorrect).  Works like a dream.  :)
Version 3.x Mod Discussion and Development / Re: Handmade "Bad behavio(u)r 2" include
« Last post by Sue on December 09, 2017, 11:50:20 PM »
Kate, I can really recommend the modifications that Ladama has shared on this thread as well.

It adds a challenge question to the Registration process. Just this simple step has made a huge difference to a phpBB (bulletin board) site I administer, and I am confident that it will similarly defeat the (dental) bots.
Version 3.x Mod Discussion and Development / Re: Handmade "Bad behavio(u)r 2" include
« Last post by Kate on December 09, 2017, 06:26:45 PM »

i updated to the 355 efiction. Re did the bad behaviour. It is now all working on the site. Followed the instruction was easy to use

says bad behaviour has blocked 154 access attempts in 7 days

thank u guys xx just what was needed hoping it stop the hackers from making accounts as I took the links off as its just for my fiction and poetry. :) very happy now even said yay out loud lol

thank u so much xx
Version 3.x General Support / Re: Adding a challenge question to the Registration page
« Last post by Sue on December 05, 2017, 07:58:21 AM »
Ooooh! I am SO going to try this out. This is very exciting - thank you!!!

OMGOMGOMG I just added the code and IT WORKS.

Now...I just have to think of a question....hmmm.

Thank you so much Ladama!!!
Version 3.x General Support / Re: Adding a challenge question to the Registration page
« Last post by Ladama on December 04, 2017, 02:37:03 AM »
A fellow "tech lady" at another archive helped me set up a spam test question, so far it's been doing the trick (fingers crossed)

The two files modified are user/editbio.php and languages/en.php. Probably a good idea to install and test this out on a test archive first, and definitely a good idea to back up editbio.php before starting.

First order of business is coming up with your spam test question, something any fan of your fandom knows but a spammer can't find easily.

Step 1:
Open user/editbio.php and find the following line near the end (around line 207 if this file has no other modifications)
Code: [Select]
if(!empty($captcha) && $action == "register") $output .= "<div><label for='userdigit'>"._CAPTCHANOTE."</label><input MAXLENGTH=5 SIZE=5 name=\"userdigit\" type=\"text\" value=\"\"><div style='text-align: center;'><img width=120 height=30 src=\""._BASEDIR."includes/button.php\" style=\"border: 1px solid #111;\"></div></div>";

right above this line add the following:
Code: [Select]
if(!isMEMBER && $action = "register"){
         $output .= "<div><label for='spamcheck' style=\"margin-top: 2ex;\"><b>Spam test:</b>Your spam question goes here:</label> <INPUT name=\"spamcheck\" class=\"textbox\" value=\"\" type=\"spamcheck\" style=\"margin-top: 2ex;\">".($action == "register" ? "<font color=\"red\">*</font>" : "")."</div>";}

Made sure to replace "Your spam question goes here" with your question.

Step 2:
Now up towards the start of editbio.php and find this line (around line 63):
Code: [Select]
if($captcha && !captcha_confirm()) $output .= write_error(_CAPTCHAFAIL);

right after this line add the following
Code: [Select]
        else if (!isset($_POST[ 'spamcheck' ]) || empty($_POST['spamcheck'])) {$output .= write_error(_SPAMCHECKEMPTY);}
        else if ((trim(strtolower($_POST['spamcheck']))) != 'your answer here' ) {$output .= write_error(_SPAMCHECKFAIL);}

Again, replace "your answer here" with your answer, and write it in lower case.

Step 3:
Open up languages/en.php and add your error messages for leaving the spam test question field empty and for answering incorrectly.
Code: [Select]
define ("_SPAMCHECKEMPTY", "You must answer the spam test question, please go back in your browser and try again");
define ("_SPAMCHECKFAIL", "You did not answer the spam test question correctly, please go back in your browser and try again.");

I added a section to our help page with an answer hint. If you want to do something similar, include the follow before the "); part of the SPAMCHECKFAIL definition
Code: [Select]
<a href=\"viewpage.php?page=pagename#anchorname\">Click here if you need help</a>.
replacing "pagename" with whatever your shortcode name is for your help page and #anchorname with what you called that section (or just omit the #anchor part if you don't need it.

Hopefully this helps get the spam under control!
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