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Step 4 is how to make it visible on your archive. As I said, it's perfectly working on ALL of my sites. :upsidedown:
Possibly a dumb question: If you don't have display_stats enabled, how can you tell this mod is working? Where is it logging its work? Is there anything you have to do to enable it?
eFiction Sites / Re: Capeside Diaries (International)
« Last post by artphilia on August 16, 2017, 01:29:56 PM »
Maybe you are looking for this? You can find this in various skins I've created ...

Code: [Select]
{recent_title} {recent_content}
Can you please always add a link to your archive, since I don't have the time to search for it every time you have a question ...

I still don't get why you don't get the script working.  :unsure:
eFiction Sites / Re: Capeside Diaries (International)
« Last post by artphilia on August 16, 2017, 01:12:31 PM »
Hi Kate,

do you mean News or recently additions?
Both is part of the template. You don't need to know php for this.
don't worry I missed the download link in your post I re read it all again.

Ive now installed it, followed the steps to install the mod and the bbstats is not printing out for me. What am I missing and doing wrong here please? I have had a hacker already on the site this week and I have just deleted the account, so this mod would be really appreciated by me to help stop hacking and spam attempts further.

I added the code to the files as said in your instructions and added {bb2stats} to the footer. All that happens is the bb2stats shows and it does not print bad behaviour has blocked ... etc.
many thanks

will the mod work even though the stats wont print please?

Don't worry I have resolved this :)

Basically I re did it again and reinstalled it now it works great :)

thank you

Ive made a new block called new poems for my site. This is my first ever block.

It is currently only showing one poem. In the admin panel in blocks in options, the number of stories isn't working.

what do I need to change to get more than one story up and in which file in blocks please? I don't know php any help is appreciated.

many thanks

eFiction Sites / Re: Capeside Diaries (International)
« Last post by Kate on July 28, 2017, 02:23:51 AM »
Hi Artphilla

How did you get the block new on the site?

Any chance I may be able to have a copy of it for my own site please? I could show off the new poetry.

I'm no good with php as I have only just learnt to install it so that would be a great block and addition to have.

Version 3.x General Support / online block initialization error - how to resolve it
« Last post by Kate on July 28, 2017, 12:01:49 AM »
I had a problem with the whos online block. It came up with a MySQL error. this lost the welcome message.

So what I did was I took a look in the files. I looked in the init.php file in the online block and took out TYPE:MyIsam; and left it blank. My site hosts told me to do this.

Then in the database, under fanfiction_block table, look for the table fanfiction_block click on browse.

Look for the block_file and add in online/online.php. click enter.

your block should now install and also show up on the page with {online_content}.

Hope this helps out some. I found the type myisam no longer works on the database I got it uses Mariah database and with the old scripts you have to delete out type:myisam.

It is now all working good  :-D

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